A bigly tremendous rhyme

Update Nov 9, 2016: WOW. Sorry, America, we didn’t do our jobs well enough. But the youth will prevail. Eventually.

Believe me, people are saying this is the best poem ever and it’s already winning all the greatest awards. There is nobody who respects poetry more than I do and what you’re about to read proves that tremendously.

This goes a lot better spoken than written because you’ve got to get the rhythm right, but I’ve been procrastinating on recording it so here we go. Note: I wrote this in just a few minutes after the 3rd debate (inspired by the work of Poem For Your Sprog), then added/edited for a few minutes before deciding to post it.

He goes by Trump, a tremendous grump
Bigly afraid to lose
So when you vote please not by rote
It’s important who you choose
Bigotry, misogyny
“Locker room talk!” some seem to think
But when he says, “grab their pussy”
It sends us to the brink
“Don’t be so sensitive! It’s just a joke!”
But no, that won’t explain it
The truth is he’s just no good
People are saying, “a piece of shit”
Political correctness is not the problem
Another tired old argument
You don’t decide what hurts whom
You intellectual adolescent
Peaceful transition is beyond his comprehension
The temperament of a child
“Of course I’ll accept the results … if I win!”
And his crowd, of course, went wild
But don’t you see, our democracy
is not yours to define
What you believe is an autocracy
with a side of whine
It’s almost time, we’ve come to this
The end is ever closer
As if it could be any other way I say
“Of course I’m with her!”


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