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TimedLaunch WordPress Plugin Prelaunch (Sorry, currently unavailable, working on version 1.0 now)

A few years ago I ran a site called In the ~18 months I was part of it we did over $500k in sales. It was so successful Chris Guillebeau wrote about us in his New York Times bestselling book, The $100 Startup.

A lot of our success was due to the way we ran our limited time sales. These types of sales (sometimes known as fire sales) have been used effectively by many companies (Groupon, AppSumo, MacHeist) and are a sure fire way to boost revenue of nearly any product or service.

The TimedLaunch plugin I’m building will allow you to create these fire sales easily, with no programming skills whatsoever. (If you use WordPress you have the skills to use the plugin.)

How the TimedLaunch Plugin works to increase your revenue:

  1. Allows you to create timed sales for your products, services, or classes. Like Groupon, AppSumo, Only72, MacHeist, and the like, but for WordPress.
  2. The countdown timer automatically counts up to your sale and counts down after your sale starts. No need to understand any programming code.
  3. Prior to your sale the buy button area will include a message of your choosing (such as a “Notify me!” email form). When the sale starts the buy button (any buy button from any shopping cart or payment service – Paypal, Stripe, ejunkie, Clickbank, infusionsoft, and more) will appear, allowing customers to purchase your offer for a limited time. When the sale ends another “Sorry, you missed it! Subscribe so you don’t miss the next one:” message will appear. (You can edit this to say whatever you want.)
  • Again, you can use *any* service for this buy button. Paypal, stripe, infusionsoft, clickbank, ejunkie, or whatever else you choose. This plugin works with all payment platforms. (It’s a cool little thing we figured out with WordPress.)

If I don’t presell 20 plugins (to raise $1k) by Wednesday (March 12) at 11:59pm EST then I’ll refund your money and still be forever grateful for your trust in me.

How you can use this plugin

– When you’re launching a new product / service / class.
– When you want to bring sales back from the dead for products that don’t sell well anymore.
– As a special offer for newsletter subscribers or previous customers or blog readers.
– If you want to test market a possible new product / service / class.

The uses are many, and timed launches are proven to work. I’ve done a few. ;)

Future expected feature:

  • “X number of sales” launches, for when you want to sell a specific number of something. So instead of a 24 hour launch, maybe you’ll have a “First 100 to buy” product launch.


When will the plugin be ready? I’ve partnered with a great dev (my friend Nicky Hajal). A version 0.1 prototype of the plugin is working and live on this page. A more polished version ready for your use should be ready around April 14.

How much will it cost when you launch publicly? An unlimited license (which you can use on as many sites as you have) will be ~$100/year.

Can I ask you a question? Yes, please: