An Invitation To Think

In Which I Write About Myself

I’m Karol.

My name’s pronounced like Karl, not Carol, but you’ll get it wrong anyway so relax.

This about page used to be “clever” and list my accomplishments (you know: “oh hey I’ve made millions and lost millions and here are some anecdotes about that” or “oh look at me I use a colemak keyboard“), but you know what? I don’t want to add to all of the self-congratulatory ego-centric bullshit in this world already. (Our President does enough of that for the whole world.) Maybe that’ll change tomorrow. (Or you can read the brag-laden about me here and my short book about failure here.)

I rarely write essays in public anymore. And I’m prone to making my public posts password protected so if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter you can’t read them. I send e-mails to my newsletter list in spurts. Sometimes it’ll be months before you hear from me, but then I’ll send 5 e-mails in a week. And like everybody else I don’t know what we’re doing here either.

I give my extra money to Freedom From Religion Foundation*, because I escaped Poland for a reason and the separation of church and state is important to the principles of the United States.

I don’t answer e-mails. But sometimes I do.




*And people on the street. And random causes that people I know are part of. And LGBTQ rights. And abortion rights.