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In Which I Write About Myself In 666 Words

Hi there. I’m Karol.

Let’s get this out of the way right quick: my name’s pronounced like Karl, not Carol. And while I’m at it my last name is like Guy-Duh not Gaadgdadada.

I’m 34 and have been working for myself since age 19. I use a Colemak keyboard and currently live in beautiful Wrocław, Poland with my gorgeous wife.

I was born in Poland, my family escaped communism shortly before Martial Law was instituted in 1981 and I grew up in the USA’s Mitten, also known as Michigan.

My earliest memory is eating a Starburst (with wrapper intact) my late Babcia Stefania gave me outside of our Mt Pleasant, MI apartment at the age of 2. The wrapper was stuck. But a goal is a goal and I don’t let pesky little things like perceived constraints get in my way.

I believe in honesty even if maybe it’s not always my best interests.

I like to move around a lot.

Here’s a more recent photo so if we meet up somewhere you don’t ask everybody to, “Stick out your tongue. Are you Karol?”:

Karol Gajda7+ Ways I Will Boost My Ego or Otherwise Talk About Myself. You are bound & obligated by the letter of the law to read every single word:

1) I don’t eat animals (usually) and don’t follow any gods. Both of those points are up for discussion — as they should be — anytime.

2) I used to write at another blog which received over a million (1.2MM to be more precise) views in 2 years. I sold it for $XX,XXX after letting it lay dormant for nearly 2 years. (Sorry about those ads there now.)

3) I co-launched Only72.com which generated over $500,000 in revenue in its first 15 months. We also sent over $40,000 to charity. No longer involved there.

4) I co-founded OnlyIndie.com, the world’s first dynamically priced eBook store. Prices rose and fell based on demand. We had hundreds of customers, but didn’t get consistent traction. Fighting with Amazon’s threats to our author’s became futile. Shut it down in November ’12. I still like Amazon and even own a bit of AMZN. No hard feelings.

5) During the Summer of 2011 I went on a Roller Coaster Tour which NPR, MSNBC, USA Today, Gadling and others wrote about. Then I blacked out – thrice (tried to downplay it in this article) – and cancelled the tour. I continued road tripping around the US (16,000+ miles total).

6) I’m a fan of touring (three 3-week rock tours under my belt), canoeing/camping trips, sandboardingdownhill Big Wheels races, upside down canyon swingingparatrooper tossing, karaoke, shuttle launches, and seeing crazy things like flaming big rigs in the middle of Arizona. OK, some of that is just being silly. But there’s no reason a man can’t act like a child sometimes.

7) I’ve been playing guitar since age 13 (here’s the one I hand built in India & video here). Kurt Cobain and Tony Iommi influenced me to pick it up. I also recently built a one string canjo (Video 1, Video 2).

8) I’m a beginning (very much so) woodworker and I’m planning to build a tiny house on wheels or will be renovating a bus/box truck/van into an RV in 2016. That is if we can move to the US in time.

4 more things I’ve hypnotized you into reading:

Blog Update Schedule: I post sometimes. And sometimes I don’t. I used to treat my blog as a business, but now it’s more because I love to write and sometimes I love to share that writing. There are over 2,000 intelligent people on the blog’s private e-mail list.

Consulting: I’ve been doing marketing and marketing consulting since the year 2000. I rarely work on outside projects, but if you’ve got something fun and challenging (and your marketing budget is at least $XX,XXX/year) then I’m probably game. Get in touch.

Speaking at your event: Get in touch. I’ve recently spoken at events at Google’s offices in Wrocław, Poland and other startup/tech events in Wrocław. Happy to travel.

Interviews: If you have a well-trafficked website or podcast then I’m interested.

Let’s do this!