The Karol Gajda Weight Loss Method

Here is how to lose weight. It’s very simple, it works 100% of the time, and it doesn’t involve a diet.

1) Stop eating when you’re walking.

2) Stop eating when you’re shopping.

3) Stop eating at the movies.

4) Stop eating in the car.

5) Stop eating on the couch.

6) Stop eating while watching TV.

7) Stop watching TV.

8) Stop eating while reading.

9) Read more.

10) Stop eating unless it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

(“Eating” also includes drinking anything other than water.)

That’s it. End of fucking list. You’re goddamn welcome.

23 Responses to The Karol Gajda Weight Loss Method

  1. Haha, nice one. Although why would you follow a social norm like breakfast, lunch or dinner?

    How about “Stop eating unless you feel hungry*.”

    *Physically hungry, not craving eating some shit because you´re bored, upset, stressed etc. Just hungry, by nature.


  2. Perfect Karol – tell it like it is! and if people move more (run, jump, walk, dance, anything) as well as eating less often, the weight loss will be even faster and they’ll feel better for it too…

    PS nice to see you again :)

    • Yeah, that’s sort of the basis for this. For example, less TV = more time to do stuff (move around a bit). And more reading = more knowledge = hopefully better choices.

  3. Apart from eating less this method also means that you are not doing something else at the same time, distracting you from being conscious of what and how much you are eating. Heck you might even enjoy the food when you do eat more! How about adding not talking while eating too?

  4. ROTFLMAO!!!!!! The Keep it Simple Stupid – KISS – plan for weight loss!! What a freaking brilliant idea. DUH! Karol, you are a genius! Now go sell a million books!
    11) Quit eating food that isn’t real food

  5. It is officially your fault that I just laughed so hard I spat water all over my computer keyboard. MARVELOUS.

  6. Greetings Carol! I love your post…and it reminded me of very funny “psychological” video :) …Have a great day and “stop it ” :) !! LOL….

  7. *Love* it!

    A few years ago, I decided that I didn’t wish to visit with my friends solely during restaurant meals–in part because I was embracing food choices far different from theirs and also I preferred to spend my money on activity rather than high-priced food. Some people resisted the new suggestion, while most decided to try; it has been interesting to explore our city and connect through our common interests. I find we learn so much more about each other (and self) through activity.

    While food provides fuel for our bodies, there are myriad ways of nourishing self; if we follow your diet, we will have lots of time and energy to explore a bit.

    • This is great. Thanks Joy. In a similar line of thinking I have this idea of setting up an “Alternative Friday Night” where a like-minded group of people does outdoor activities (like bike rides) instead of doing the typical Friday drinking thing. The first one I set up had 4 people, but I had to cancel my attendance due to illness. ha. In any case, I think something like that could be a nice positive social movement.

    • Joy – This is a wonderful idea! I honestly had not given much thought to dinner out with friends. It’s just something we do…. You have inspired me to arrange other types of meet ups with friends. LOVE the idea of a weekly bike ride, Karol.

    • You can dance….my 14 year old daughter and I take ballroom dance together–we love the time we spend together! And it helps with her teenage weight insecurity issues. Even thought she looks great, and is at a wonderful weight at this time, before we started dancing, she was kind of obsessive about her weight. she is more relaxed and confident now, and we have an awesome time together. Something different is something better…:)

  8. It’s actually much healthier to eat smaller portions over the day instead of 3 big meals due to our digestion, provided it’s healthy food that’s high in proteins and low in carbs.