Launching 3 iPhone Apps In One Day

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that today’s a pretty exciting day for me.

The last time I released an iPhone app was over 2 years ago. I liked the app even though it was done with no design and only broke even. Some people found it really useful and that was good enough for me at the time.

Today I’m launching 3 apps all at once and I’m not messing around like I was 2 years ago.

I’m not stopping here. I’ve already got another app in development (for a hopefully mid-January release) and I’m hitting the mobile app market hard since I quit or sold my other businesses.

I mentioned via e-mail last week (sign up at top of this page) that I’d be releasing these apps and also creating a free or cheap class on how to brainstorm, research, and create beautfiul iPhone apps like I’ve done. I didn’t do any design or development on these apps so don’t worry if you’re not a designer or developer.

I’m going to make it simple to get that class. Read on to find out how …

The Apps

All these apps work on iPod Touch and iPhone. I personally own an iPod Touch. (They’re also compatible with, but not optimized for, iPads.)

Random Gratitude Journal

I’ve been practicing daily gratitude since 2011 after I stayed a couple nights at the Forest Hostel in Georgia. I’ve written about it a few times elsewhere on this site as well as on my old blog.

Random Gratitude Journal is a gratitude journal with a twist that makes it more fun for me to keep up this healthy practice.

My issue with my normal gratitude journal was that it would e-mail me at the same time every day and then I’d respond to the e-mail with my gratitude. Gratitude Journal sends prompts (via a push notification) at random times throughout the day. You can set the time frame so it doesn’t bother you at inopportune times. Or you can turn off the alerts and use it as a normal gratitude journal. Open the calendar, tap on a date, write. Easy.

Buy Random Gratitude Journal here.

Extreme Pushup Bootcamp

This was the first app I started getting developed.

Pushup/fitness apps abound in the app store, but none of them got me to do my pushups. This is a very simple app that plays off a similar concept as Random Gratitude Journal. You set a time frame and Extreme Pushup Bootcamp will send you a push notification at a random time prompting you to “Drop and Give Me 20!”

You can accept, decline, or have the app remind you in 10 minutes. Pushup Bootcamp will keep track of your streaks. How many days in a row you accepted or declined the challenge.

So far my longest Accept streak is 11. Which, I’ll admit, isn’t very good. But sometimes you don’t want to be Extreme and do pushups in the middle of the grocery aisle.

(I’m starting from scratch today since I’ll be deleting my developer version and buying the official app from the app store.)

This is the only one of my apps that has its own website right now:

Buy Extreme Pushup Bootcamp here.

Insane Pushup Challenge

What?! Another pushup app?

Yes, this one is for the more advanced pushup people. (Though you can use it in conjunction with Extreme Pushup Bootcamp as I do.)

The goal here is to enter the insane asylum and do 36,500 pushups in 365 days (or less). It has been my goal to do that for about 10 years and I’ve never kept it up. It’s an … well … insane challenge.

Once you hit 36,500 pushups you’ll be presented with a surprise. Take a screen shot and e-mail me. ;)

Buy Insane Pushup Challenge here.

How To Get My “Absolutely No Design or Development Experience Necessary” iPhone App Class

Sorry, you’re too late. This class is no longer available … for now.

Thanks for your support with this new venture.

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