An Invitation To Think

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If you want to get a basis of what I’m about and the type of stuff I write here there are a few essays you need to read. (All links open in a new tab/window.)

  1. We Don’t Have To Agree
  2. The Hustle
  3. One Thousand Minutes in One Hundred Days (or How Bloggers and Journalists Are Lying To You About Meditation)
  4. The E-mail I Chickened Out On Sending For Christmas Day

If you want to dive into the archives beyond this site check out my old blog: I wrote 256 articles and got over a million visitors in 2 1/2 years. I don’t own that website anymore. I sold the domain and the content, which is why you see lots of ads there now. Sorry for the ads. Not sorry for selling.

This is a photo of me and an elephant making out (at an elephant rescue and sanctuary):