An Invitation To Think

My “Fuck It!” List

Lots of people have bucket lists. I’m not a fan.

I’d been trying to come up with something that more suits my personality. In a conversation with Benny he mentioned a “fuck it list” and I thought that was perfect. I’m stealing it.

The difference between a fuck it list and a bucket list is:

– A bucket list is a list of things you want to accomplish before you die. When they’re public they come across as ego-stroking.

– A fuck it list isn’t a list at all.

My “Fuck It!” List

This list is based on one question with a series of four answers. That question is: Do I have the time and desire to do X?

1) Yes to both?

Do it!

2) No time, but desire?

Don’t do it right now, but take some kind of action to put it into place. Putting things off is lame, but delaying gratification can be sweet.

3) Yes to time, but no desire?

Read a book.

4) No time and no desire?

Definitely don’t do it.

That’s it. End of fucking list.