An Invitation To Think

In Which I Write About Myself

I’m Karol.

My name’s pronounced like Karl, not Carol, but you’ll get it wrong (at least the first time) anyway so relax.

I’ve been a marketing strategist, consultant, copywriter, and creator since my late teens. I quit my last job at age 19 and, through a series of failures and successes, have made it to today.

This about page used to be “clever” and list my accomplishments, but you know what? I don’t want to add to all of the self-congratulatory ego-centrismĀ in this world already. Maybe that’ll change tomorrow.

As for this blog: I rarely write essays in public anymore so if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter you can’t read them. Join 1k+ thoughtful folks by subscribing on my unsubscribe page. Sometimes it’ll be months before you hear from me so don’t fret if I’m quiet. I respect your inbox.

You can contact me here.

Be good,