An Invitation To Think

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If you want to get a basis of what I’m about and the type of stuff I write here there are 5 essays you need to read. (All links open in a new tab/window.)

  1. We Don’t Have To Agree
  2. The Hustle
  3. One Thousand Minutes in One Hundred Days (or How Bloggers and Journalists Are Lying To You About Meditation)
  4. The Game, Sex, Pickup, Social Skydiving, Self-Preservation, Relationships, Ego, and My Weekend In Hollywood (I’m married now, but this was written in 2012 and the lessons are still good.)
  5. The E-mail I Chickened Out On Sending For Christmas Day

Here’s my World Famous “Fuck it!” List.

If you want to dive into the archives beyond this site check out my old blog: I wrote 256 articles and got over a million visitors in 2 1/2 years. I don’t own that website anymore. I sold the domain and the content, which is why you see lots of ads there now. Sorry for the ads. Not sorry for selling.

This is a photo of me and an elephant making out (at an elephant rescue and sanctuary):