Successfully refer me to a new job and get ~$10,000 and flights for two to anywhere in the world

I’ll explain the title in just a second.

While I’ve been working on small projects here and there (plus a product launch that did $92k in 5 days in late March) I’ve actually been looking for a job for nearly a year now. A year! I’ve depleted a lot of my social capital and it hasn’t turned up anything yet so I’ve gotta try something else.

I registered my company as a sole proprietorship in May of 2000 and then an LLC a few years later and I’ve managed to put food down my gullet since that time so history shows I have talent. And I want to put that talent to use somewhere good. So I’m turning to you.

$10,000? A trip anywhere in the world? Really?

Yes, really. But let me clear things up.

If you refer me to a job and I get an offer that I accept I’ll gift you:

  1. My first month of salary. To be more clear, you’ll get my annualized pre-tax pay divided by 12. So let’s say it’s a $120,000 salary. You’d get $10,000. If it’s a $90,000 salary you get $7,500. You get the idea. You’ll get half the gift on my first day of employment, and half after I’ve been on the job for 3 months.
  2. I’ll also gift you 2 roundtrip economy class tickets from any major city in the world to any major city in the world. You choose the dates you want to travel and I’ll book your flight for you and a friend/spouse/enemy/neighbor/dog. You’ve just gotta give me at least 4 weeks notice, but you can use this immediately upon my accepting the job.

What do I mean by “refer me to a job”? Well, it doesn’t mean send me a link to a job posting or a job board. It means either getting my name directly in front of the person in charge of hiring or getting me an interview in some other way. (e.g. If you write about me and this offer and that ends up resulting in a job then that will do.) In other words, you have to be an essential reason as to why I actually got the job.

Alternately, send me the personalized job referral links that some companies have if you’re referring me to a company you work for. Although this is less than ideal I understand it’s just how some corporations work.

OK, what are you looking for, Karol?

I’m glad I asked for you. ;)

Generally speaking my ideal job looks like this:

  • In marketing or business development with growth potential at a forward thinking company. I’m particularly skilled at selling via the web and all that entails (marketing strategy, content strategy, sales, copywriting) as it’s what I’ve done in various forms for my working life. I enjoy managing a team, but it’s not a requirement. And I also appreciate autonomy, because it’s how I get my best work done. (Note to employers: I also have a Computer Science degree, but no longer have coding skills.)
  • Remote. I am willing to commute if it’s a great role at a great company in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area (particularly Research Triangle Park), but remote is ideal. (See: forward thinking company)
  • Provides good benefits. You know: 401k, health insurance, at least 3 weeks of paid time off per year.
  • Has limited travel. In general I’m not interested in traveling for work, but this depends on the role. I’d say up to 10% travel is cool. It could be more, depending. (I know many companies that hire remote workers have retreats one or more times per year and I’m all in on getting to hang out with my team if that’s the case.)
  • I’d also like to join a company that supports employees’ education and fitness, but that is not a requirement. (I do it on my own, but it’s nice when companies support things like that. And I’m seeing this more often, particularly with companies that hire remote workers.)

The types of companies where I’ve applied:

  • Automattic (WordPress)
  • Golden Frog (VyprVPN)
  • Zapier
  • Buffer
  • Treehouse
  • Red Hat

Well, I’m not going to list them all, but I’ve applied to well over a hundred tech-related companies because it’s what I like best. That said, I’m open to other ideas so don’t feel stuck in that box if you think you’ve got something for me at a company in a different industry. And if you know me well but think I’d be good at something other than a marketing-related role then I’m open to that, too.

Why are you doing this? Don’t you love working for yourself?

I’m interested in — no, I need — a change. I don’t particularly enjoy working for myself anymore and I’d like to work on a big new challenge. I also don’t want to bring work home with me. As it is, I’m never not thinking about work and money and all of that. I’d like to spend my after hours time focused on my wife and on hobbies like making wood and electronics projects. I’m tired of the stress of working for myself. I understand working for somebody else can also be stressful, but it’s a different kind of stress.

And the reality is, even though I have the skills necessary for many available jobs, it’s difficult to get past the first hurdle. The gatekeeper, so to say. My résumé isn’t packed with 17 years of employment history and all the cool kid keywords that entails. And that’s where I hope you come in. Get me past that first hurdle and I’m pretty good at interviewing and selling myself.

The closest I got recently was the final interview to be the E-mail Marketing Manager at an internet company you have surely heard of. You know the one with the red hat? ;) It was down to me and another guy and the recruiter told me they went with the other candidate because he had experience working in a corporate environment. On the one hand, I understand this. On the other hand, they made a mistake. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to convey that to a hiring manager since most of them are stuck in the old school box of how and what employees should be.

I understand it’s also difficult to convey, considering my history of self-employment, that I am committed to finding a long term role at an interesting company. I’m looking for something that I could see myself committed to for at least 5 years. Obviously the ideal is “forever,” but it’s too difficult to look much farther ahead than 5 years (anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to you). That said, I don’t want to just test the waters of employment. I am actively prepared to stop working for myself to focus on a new role.

Are you willing to relocate?

Probably not (but let me know what you’ve got anyway). You know why remote is ideal? Because my wife and I kind of love the Raleigh area and don’t want to move. That was unexpected when we moved here 6 months ago. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like it much at all and I think I even like it more than Austin. If you know how much I love Austin then you know this is big.

Reasons this area is great:

  • We’re surrounded by amazing parks with fun hiking trails. We’re literally 5 miles or less from two massive parks; a state park and a county park. We spend most weekends at one of these (or one of the many other parks within a 20 minute drive).
  • There are lots of greenways. These are paved bicycling/rollerblading/running/walking trails that are secluded from streets and usually surrounded by nature. Check out American Tobacco Trail, for example.
  • We’re ~2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • We’re ~4 hours from the Smoky Mountains.
  • It’s quite progressive. Definitely more so than I expected, anyway.
  • This is a live music area and a lot of tours come through here. It’s not quite as musical as Austin, but better than many places in the country.
  • The weather is pretty decent year round. Winter is mild.

So, you see, it’s going to be tough to make me want to leave here. Actually, you should move here. It’s probably better than where you live.

What are your salary requirements?

None. I will consider anything that isn’t entry-level. I’m not necessarily interested in the biggest salary because there are a lot of other aspects of work that are important. But I do expect to be compensated fairly in relation to other folks with my experience, in my position, and in my geographical area.

OK, Karol, I’ve got something for you. What do I do?

E-mail me with what you’ve got ( and we’ll go from there. Please describe the opportunity and why you think it’s a fit for me, but, most importantly, how you can get me past the gatekeeper.

If you’re a reporter, journalist, or blogger and want to interview me: (910) 227-9338

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