I only learned about Workflowy* a few days ago through Courtney’s article about letting go of books, but I’ve moved all my non-blog-related note taking and brainstorming to the platform. It’s clean, simple, and very powerful.

It’s essentially the longest sheet of paper ever created. The kicker: it’s manageable!

Check this video:

If you think in words then I suggest you give it a try. It’s free for 500 items/month, which is likely more than enough for most people. (An item is a single entry on your “sheet of paper.”)

Suggestion: After you sign up watch the short tutorial videos. They will give you a great headstart into effective Workflowy use.

*This link is a referral link, but I don’t get paid. When I posted on twitter about using Workflowy yesterday 11 people signed up. For every person who signs up through your referral you get an extra 250 items/month in your account. Which means I now have 3250 items/month and I don’t think I’ll ever use them all.

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