You See What You Want To See

Today I received this unsubscribe message (which I think was in response to yesterday’s essay):

Ok, you win…I’m unsubscribing. I am not unsubscribing out of anger or offense, but rather out of simple boredom. I hate to say it, but you’ve become a bit repetitive, like you don’t have anything to say anymore. It’s almost as if you wrote one blog post and rehashed it 15 times. Yes, yes, yes, you want us all to unsubscribe…we get it already.


He’s correct that I mention the unsubscribe thing regularly (I’m definitely grateful he unsubscribed), but you’d be hard pressed to find two similar blog posts on this site. In this instance, some kind of personal problem (or maybe “hang up” is better) causes him to see what he wants to see: my “15 rehashed blog posts.”

My suggestion is to pay attention to what you see. You might be looking at something that’s not there.

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