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This message is for a very specific segment of people.

In general, I don’t think people read enough. You can quickly see when a blogger doesn’t read by their general lack of written presentation. (Extravagant exclamation usage, for example!!) It’s more difficult to tell if a non-blogger reads unless you ask.

But this message, again, is for a very specific segment of people.

Those of you who read book after book. And take notes. And dream. And read more. And take more notes. And get excited. “Oh my! That was life changing.” And read another “life changer.” And more notes. And more reading.

You know what’s missing here?

Reading, in some cases, is used as an excuse for inaction.

“I need more information before I begin,” you say.

“Begin, and you’ll find the information you need,” I reply.

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Life changing! Note taken. :)



That’s also what my dad used to say to me. I used to devour books, something I thank him very much for sparking in me since my early years.

Alas, one time he said to me: “quien sabe mucho pero no actua es un ignorante ilustrado” — he who knows a lot but doesn’t act is an illustrated fool (or something like that).

To this day I still struggle with that sometimes, but thankfully a few days ago I took a turn :)



I like that quote. Your Dad’s a smart man.



Reading was the only way I could “travel” in childhood.
I’d find my favorite branch in an old apple tree and tuck in for hours.



I needed to hear this! Thank you!



Word. :)

Perhaps you encapsulated two (good) propositions.

1. Readers are leaders.
2. The plane must get off the runway. The sooner the better.

Good post Karol.



I’m making sure this doesn’t happen to me by limiting the reading to 2 hours a day max (1 hour non-fiction and 1 hour fiction+philosophy.) I take notes as I read, but then the notes are converted into “actionable items” in my asana to-do list. :)


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