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How important is it to “just ask”? Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about it though in that Quick Thought I mentioned a different aspect of it.

Yesterday I posted “53 ways To Be A Loser.”

I did something different at the end of that post. I asked readers to share it on twitter and facebook. Why? I’d noticed more traffic coming to my site from facebook recently and thought I’d see if asking for more would bring more.

It did. The post was shared 57 times and facebook sent over 300 visitors, about 10 times the norm for a new post. It’s nothing dramatic, but it doesn’t have to be to prove that simply asking for what you want can work.

This isn’t relegated to blog posting, of course. A couple of examples:

  • In sales there comes a point where you need to ask (essentially), “Do you want to buy this?”
  • If you’re talking to a girl/guy there comes a point where you have to ask for her/his phone number.

The issue with asking is it transfers the power out of your hands, which is scary to a lot of people. Asking is the success/fail point. You either get the facebook share or you don’t. You either close the sale or you don’t. You either get the phone number or you don’t.

Asking doesn’t always work. You’ll not get more shares than you’ll get. You’ll fail to close more sales than you’ll close. You’ll fail to get more numbers than you’ll get. The smart ones know that every time they’re denied it just means they’re a little closer to a yes.

What other examples of “just ask” can you think of?

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Discounts, upgrades, introductions, and referrals.

Also blog comments, which you just asked for via a question and I just provided ;)



have an essay about those on Thursday :) nice work reading my mind Collin



It’s all connected, isn’t it? The less you fear rejection, the easier it is to just ask.



I used to work at a vacation rental company. Everyone who booked with me over the phone and politely asked for a discount I gave $100 off. The hotels I worked at – 10% off. People in these kinds of sales positions are often given discount options as sales tools to use at their discretion; all it took to get me to give you a discount was a little bit of friendly conversion and just asking!



Thanks for sharing Marci. That’s good to know.


Rob Caraway

“The smart ones know that every time they’re denied it just means they’re a little closer to a yes.”

Spectacular quote. My girlfriend and I have been working hard on ‘rejection therapy’ and I always tell her something very similar to this.

You can’t sell to someone who won’t buy. Move on the the next one and save your time.


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