Challenge: 31 Tweets

In the paraphrased words of Louis CK, “Stop fucking tweeting and live your life.”

I’ve already been attempting to follow this for the past week or two. The challenge for March is to average 1 tweet or less per day. This does not count responding to people. Only broadcast tweets will count.

Here’s what I know about twitter:

- Nobody cares about your instagram photos. Hopefully instagram tweets will go the way of Foursquare. Stop annoying people (and ask those who care to just follow you on instagram instead). This comment isn’t directly related to the challenge, but I wanted to get it out there. (Note: This is for daily or multiple daily instagrammers, not every-once-in-a-whilers.)

- People (including myself) often tweet useless garbage that even their closest friends don’t care about. (See: instagram.)

- I can’t think of one good personal or professional connection I’ve made because of twitter. Maybe in the ~5 years I’ve been on twitter it has happened, but it’s rare. Those connections happen via e-mail pretty regularly. Maybe this is all my fault, but I’m not so sure.

- The amount of traffic my sites get because of twitter is nearly non-existent. On average, 30 people click on each link I post to twitter and I get just a few retweets, which usually result in less than 10 visitors (and often a big fat zero).

If I’m not getting any personal benefit out of it and I’m also not getting any professional benefit out of it, what’s the point?

Yet I still found myself tweeting a few times a day and spending a good 20 minutes on twitter clicking links, reading other tweets, and becoming annoyed at an overabundance of lameness. Waste of time.

Look at your last 10 tweets. How many are trash?

Here are mine:

  1. Danielle Steel has sold 600 million books in the US alone and releases 3 new books/year. (128 books released thus far.) wow and wtf (Feb 27)
  2. the first dollar (Feb 26)
  3. Google Chrome keeps crashing. On Mac OSX 10.7.5 Lion. about:conflict doesn’t work. Searches came up empty. Ideas? (Feb 25) (Editor’s Note: Chrome has become unusable and I’ve switched to Safari for the first time in my life.)
  4. The  Save-A-Madoodle ™ let me know Snake Oil Science dropped $8 to just $1.99. Boom! (Feb 24)
  5. I said, “just a little off the sides, please.” (Feb 23)
  6. I don’t often post video of me singing on youtube, but when I do it’s The White Buffalo (Feb 22)
  7. always be shipping (Feb 21)
  8. Theologians are just like lawyers (via @JandMo) (Feb 20)
  9. Spotify should have a song rating / recommendation system similar to Amazon’s. In the meantime, Ripely Pine: A+ (Feb 20)
  10.  - version 0.1 of my Amazon Wish List price drop notifier. Let me know what you think (Feb 19)

Most of those tweets are self-serving (7 of 10), but at least they’re pretty infrequent now.

A good solution is to just stop following people, of course, and I’ve done a lot of that. But let’s try leading by example by posting less noise and see how that works.

Again, during March I will tweet 31 or less broadcast tweets. Many of them will probably be self-serving. Meaning, links to my blog or apps or ListyListy. Maybe in April I’ll just quit Twitter altogether once I realize how silly this all is?

UPDATE: Total number of broadcast tweets in March: 19. It was easier than expected and I realized more how much absolute shit people think others care about.

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Ha…I’m just the opposite. I don’t tweet often enough! I thought the challenge was going to be for me to tweet at least once a day for 31 days. (Maybe that is what I will do anyway, so thanks for the inspiration.) By the way, here is a link to one of my favorite tweets (but I am her mom, so I am biased):



Tweeting more is definitely not the kind of “inspiration” I was after here. :)



I have the same problem as Janet, I don’t tweet enough but I do re-tweet at least once a week. Some days I do it like 3 or 4 times but that will be my thing for the month. The real reason why I don’t tweet much is because I don’t find a reason to tell everything. If I find something interesting and useful for public knowledge, I’ll re-tweet. If I find it is only funny, useful or interesting to me, I bookmark it, then delete it a month later cause honestly, I never go back to it.

Now if I could just do the same with my email and the million blogs I like to read…sigh, we all have different vices :-)


Amanda Wintermans

That’s why I don’t have a Twitter account to begin with.



Smart move.


Andrew S McCullough

Interesting business stats on your Twitter use. I rarely use Twitter – I post socio-political stuff to it, like my Sierra Club, or NRDC, or Democrats, etc. But I check Twitter less than once a week, probably less than a couple times a month. But it still gets busy with news, doesn’t it? Always thought the whole idea was odd. Pink haired lady (Sandi K) tweets dozens of times a day – wonder if it helps her biz…

I still have not attempted to make money online, but Twitter would not be something I would pursue – just seems more like sneezing than actually saying anything? You know Whhhhaaa the fuk’d you say? Middle school-ish. But, when one wants to just blurt something out there, why not tweet, I reckon!



Paris Tuzun

I actually hate Twitter and unlike Facebook, I see it as unnecessary. On Facebook I can connect with friends, family and make friends easier. Facebook is more personal but that is what I prefer anyway, getting to know people on a more personal level. I’ve never ever made a personal or professional connection on Twitter either. It is mostly because there is so much noise, people follow so many people. Some people follow more than 30,000 people! How can you even possibly get to know individuals in that environment? If they don’t see your tweet as soon as you post it, your tweet will be buried under other tweets in that person’s tweet stream. And there are marketers and selfish individuals who start following you out of nowhere and when you don’t follow them, they unfollow you.
To me Twitter is just a result of societal/peer pressure. I created an account because nowadays everybody has a Twitter account..
I actually made fun of Twitter’s 140 character limit on my own website’s contact page. It says “wanna have a longer conversation? Here is my email and Skype”.


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