An Invitation To Think

In Which I Write About Myself

I’m Karol.

My name’s pronounced like Karl, not Carol, but you’ll get it wrong anyway so relax.

I’ve been a marketing strategist, consultant, copywriter, and creator since my teens (the late 90s). After a lifetime of self-employment I am looking to join an interesting company where I can put my talents to work in a different environment.

This about page used to be “clever” and list my accomplishments, but you know what? I don’t want to add to all of the self-congratulatory ego-centrism in this world already. Maybe that’ll change tomorrow. (You can read the irregularly updated and quite short brag-laden about me here.)

I’m okay with having to prove myself again and don’t mind that my past successes won’t necessarily help me find or acquire a new role (preferably in a marketing, growth, or business development department). I can only promise one thing: if I accept your open position I’ll be the best person you could hire for that role.

As for this blog: I rarely write essays in public anymore so if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter you can’t read them. Join 1k+ thoughtful folks at the top of this page. Enter your e-mail and click “Yes, please!” I send e-mails in spurts. Sometimes it’ll be months before you hear from me, but then I’ll send 5 e-mails in a week.

You can contact me here. I’ll respond if it’s interesting.