Hi Tim, Here’s The One Thing Productivity App

Dear Tim,

Sorry about all the tweets (I have awesome friends), but if anybody can appreciate a good promotion, I think it’s you.

We have a few mutual friends, but I thought doing something a little spectacular would be more fun than asking for an introduction.

Your article about depression and productivity really resonated with me as it’s something I deal with as well. I’m happy to see doing one thing works as well for you as it does for me.

Anyway, here’s the “One Thing” app.

Call this an outrageous ask, but if you think it’s solid would you link to it from your essay?


Thanks for being here. Today, a short announcement of my new app called One Thing. (Demo video above.)

One Thing is for entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers, and anybody else who wants to get stuff done (and track it).

It’s a simple, beautiful, app.

This is how it works:

  1. Every morning set a One Thing. (Your goal for the day.) You can either do this manually or the app can prompt you with a notification if you’d like.
  2. Every evening mark if you accomplished your One Thing or not. Again, you can do this manually or the app can remind you.

You can get a general overview of how you’re doing on the Calendar or the Stats pages.

The goal is to get in the habit of doing your One Thing every day. One Thing App keeps track of your streaks to help you stay motivated.

In the few months I’ve been using the various versions of the app my record so far is 11 days. (Though I’ve deleted all my data and am starting over today. Had to buy the app from the App Store instead of using my adhoc version, of course!)

One Thing does not include tweeting, facebook sharing, or any extraneous garbage. One Thing productivity was created to help you with getting things done, not for wasting time bragging.

I’m really proud of this app. The development was a long process (had to fire the first development team) and it’s something I’ve wanted myself for some time.

Buy it here for just $0.99. Please leave a review. It helps us indie developers immensely.

For more about One Thing Productivity read this post I wrote last year.

One Thing Productivity App Home Screen

12 Responses to Hi Tim, Here’s The One Thing Productivity App

  1. YES!

    I have a google docs sheet doing JUST THIS called “Habit Builder”. It’s how I build new habits for myself. I shared you on it.

    – Allow the user to set one habit for the month (eliminating the need to re-enter the info every day). This also allows user to track progress on that single habit.

    – A chart showing progress (in addition to the numbers you have, maybe) from the past week that makes it SUPER CLEAR which days I skipped and motivates me (by hating the skip days) to keep going.

    – A summary each week/month similar to RescueTime’s weekly emails.

    – MAKE MONEY: by locking my performance a few months ago and making me pay to see my charts after some time (basically free for week of results, I pay for the data the app has of longer results).

    – Freemium model: let people download for free (more downloads), then make us pay for more data as we fall in love with your app.

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