Musicians, Money, and Spotify

I see a lot of musicians complain about the royalty payments they (don’t) receive from Spotify. My first thought when I read something whiney from a musician is, “You fuck! Quit complaining. Spotify, Pandora, et al. are *not* avenues for direct revenue!”

And then I decide to write what I would do if I was an artist.

Enter … the Spotify Exclusive album

When you release your album on Spotify make it special. Instead of being afraid of giving away your art, give more of your art away. Just a little more. And with a special marketing twist.

1) New album art.

Just a simple “Spotify Exclusive” tag will do.

2) “Thank you” track.

Track #1 of your Spotify Exclusive album will be a thank you to your new potential fans. One or all members of your band saying something like, “hey! thanks for checking us out. We know your time is valuable so it’s awesome you’re giving us a shot. If you like what you hear reach out to us via [insert URL]. We’ve got a free MP3 waiting for you there.” On that special URL you’re going to have a simple e-mail signup form to give away said MP3, which will build your fan e-mail list. You’ll also have a link to your Twitter and Facebook pages asking for a Follow and a Like, of course.

3) Exclusive track(s).

Demos, acoustic versions, live tracks, covers. Something special to make this a real Spotify Exclusive.

Now every time someone listens to your band on Spotify they’ll hear a message from you and get something special in return. And, to use a business term, you’ve turned Spotify into a lead generator.

Bonus: Maybe, who knows but maybe, this will prompt Spotify to feature you somewhere. Most likely not, but it’s worth doing anyway.

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I like this idea, a lot.


Amanda Wintermans

I think that’s a very good idea!


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