How Loksak Can Add $1 Million To Their Yearly Revenue

OK, I pulled that number out of nowhere. It could be a lot more. It could be far less. One thing’s for sure, this is solid.

I’ve been using Loksaks (both aLOKSAK and OPSAK) for about 3 years. Actually, a couple years ago on my old blog I ran a contest giving a bunch of them away. Loksaks are waterproof storage bags that come in various sizes, perfect for any kind of travel. For about 2 years I used an aLOKSAK to do my laundry.

The following idea is simple, but don’t let that fool you.

Loksak needs come out with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air specific bags. Meaning, branded and sized specifically for each product.

  1. Apple fanboys buy Apple related accessories.
  2. Apple products cost a lot.
  3. Apple users want to protect those expensive products.

Every time I go out with my MacBook Air and it’s dark cloudy – looking like rain – I think, “Man, wish my bag was waterproof! Or I wish my aLoksak fit the Air.”

I’d go even farther and create a Kindle aLOKSAK, a Samsung Galaxy S III aLOKSAK, and so on for any popular electronics item.

While Loksak currently markets their bags as protection for electronics products they don’t have them specifically branded and made to exact sizes.

You’re welcome Loksak. Let me know when that 10% is on its way. ;)

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Linda Kennedy

Hi Karol,

Linda here. Hummmm, we have been making smartphone and iPad size bags for over a year. We have a 16 X 24 many military and civilians use for using a laptop, open and working, in all kinds of weather.

We have 13 X 11 and 6 X 12 for e-readers. The sizes are all listed on the website where the aLOKSAK info is.



I understand your bags fit the devices. The point is that the info is buried, not branded, and not device-specific. “Here is the iPad LOKSAK that fits perfectly, buy it.” Instead of, “here is a 12″ x 12″ LOKSAK that will fit an iPad, but it’s not a perfect fit and you’re gonna have to live with that.”


Linda Kennedy

OK. Our aLOK3-8×11 is was made for the the foriPad and tablets. Our aLOK3-3×6 fits most smartphones. Our aLOK3-4×7 is used for large smartphones and phones in bulky cases. These are the retail pack SKUs. The 12 x 12 is best for maps and documents, large camera accessories and cameras. We make 13 sizes. The are all listed on the website with the aLOKSAK information.



It’s nice that you’ve replied and offered the products you carry that may work. But you haven’t addressed the specific need of the client, who is telling you he has a need, and that there are others with the same need. Fill a need, you build success. Listen to his need, don’t push what is already there and not filling his need.


Jeffrey Trull

I’m with on this one, Karol. I’ve never bought anything from Loksak before, but when I go to buy any accessories for my MacBook Air or iPhone, I always use “MacBook Air case” or”iPhone case” in the search term on Google, Amazon, eBay, etc.

I probably won’t even stop to look if I’m going to have to figure sizing out based on measurements and then wonder if something is made to fit my device or not. If I’m not sure, I’ll just move on to the next item.



Exactly. Who the fuck owns a ruler or knows the measurements of their devices anymore anyway? :)



Linda, I totally agree with Karol. Playing off of another BIG (HUGE) brand is a subtle, but very powerful marketing technique, and could pay off huge. I suggest you run some simple tests to prove it. who knows, it might not work (I have been wrong before, I admit it.) But, you won’t know if you don’t try and test it out. Heck, you could even test the marketing out without even producing the product until you know it works!

Plus, I have a Macbook Air, and I can tell you it’s hard to find things that fit it well, and even harder sifting through information to find out if it does.

Thank you for listening.



Hi Linda
You just had a customer, no a fan, tell you how to sell more product, and what you did was try to justify why you are not doing what was suggested. Over time, someone will listen to customers in your industry and eat your lunch. All he is suggesting is product positioning (changing words and pictures) so that customers can connect what they want to what you sell easier, who knows, then you could create product lines for each digital device out in the world. Which market is bigger electronics or camping? You make 13 sizes? Why not be the official waterproof storage bag for everything digital. Good luck with ignoring what people want.


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