“Celebrity” Annotated Business Book Notes

If you take a look on Amazon and on bookstore shelves you’ll see a lot of books that are notes of books. Like SparkNotes or Cliff’s Notes. There are lots of others. There’s even a company that does this exclusively in digital form, but I forgot the name.

What I’d like to see to make these even more valuable is business book notes that are annotated by well-known business people (“celebrities”).

Let’s say you want to release a book notes version of Seth Godin’s latest hit. Write up the book notes as normal. Then reach out to well-known business people and ask if they’d like to share their biggest take-away(s) from the book. Look at the dust jacket and other reviews to get a list of possible people who would contribute.

Package it up and sell for $2.99 – $4.99 digitally. (And in print if you can make the economics work.)

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