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I’ve been looking for a wordpress theme to showcase an iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app and the pickings are slim.

I don’t know if that’s because the market isn’t there, but with the ever-growing mobile app market it seems likely that more people will be looking for an easy way to create websites for their apps.

Right now I’m using AppifyWP. It’s got a lot of good features (examples: looks good on a mobile browser and it’s easy to install), but I don’t particularly like the layout. It’s not bad, just not as beautiful as I’d like an app site to look.

This is an opportunity for WordPress designers. Stop thinking short term (aka per client project) and create an asset you can create once and sell forever. AppifyWP charges $49/site or $149 unlimited. Think you can’t sell 100+ of these licenses in the next 12 months? I think you can. Please give them some competition and I just might be your first customer.

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I agree there is a need for this, i wonder did you have any luck with alternatives? I’m looking for a WP themed page I can drop in to my existing blog to show of my app portfolio



I think responsive web frameworks and design are moving into this territory. Rather than making a site for each type of device, you have a site that works on all devices and screen sizes. Some examples are Foundation and Bootstrap.



I meant a ready made theme for theme developers to showcase/promote their mobile app(s). Check out AppifyWP as the example.



This is a great idea. I was thinking about creating a static website template using bootstrap to showcase mobile apps. I know AppifyWP and i think it is quite good, but it needs competition for sure…


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