I’ve been reading Billy Murphy’s site ForeverJobless.com for about a year. He has a sometimes different perspective on business than I do and I like that. If you break it down though, we have a similar take. Opportunity is everywhere and you need to take action and execute.

When the opportunity came to interview Billy and find out more about his endeavors I did just that. Enjoy:

If you don’t want to watch on YouTube you can download the MP3 or listen in your browser right here.

Find Billy here:

Website –> ForeverJobless.com
Podcast –> iTunes

Breakdown of the first 10 minutes:

  • Where Billy got his start (background) [00:35]
  • How he got started in e-commerce (drop shipping) [02:08]
  • Why he bought his first store and then started one from scratch in the same week [02:38]
  • Where he found the site he bought [02:56]
  • What his criteria were for the first store [03:45]
  • “There must be something wrong with this.” [05:03]
  • Negotiating on an already great deal. [05:49]
  • Google search tool misspelling opportunity [06:50]
  • On cold calling [07:30]
  • Hurdles [08:44]

If that doesn’t entice you to watch or listen, then this probably isn’t for you.

But if you were into it let me know in the comments (or via email) if you want me to do more of this type of thing.

And if you’re not already on my e-mail list get on it below. Fun stuff coming soon …

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