An Invitation To Think

In Which I Write About Myself

I’m Karol.

My name’s pronounced like Karl, not Carol, but you’ll get it wrong anyway so relax. (And it’s actually not pronounced like Karl anyway, but we’re not in Poland so I’m not gonna deal with that headache either.)

I’ve been a marketing strategist, consultant, copywriter, and creator since my late teens. I quit my last job at age 19 and, through a series of failures and successes, have made it to today. (Update: Since September 2017 I’ve been running the partnership program at Sumo.)

This about page used to be “clever” and list my accomplishments, but you know what? I don’t want to add to all of the self-congratulatory ego-centrism in this world already. Maybe that’ll change tomorrow.

As for this blog: I rarely write essays in public anymore so if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter you can’t read them. Join 1k+ thoughtful folks at the top of this page. Enter your e-mail and click “Yes, please!” I send e-mails in spurts. Sometimes it’ll be months before you hear from me, but then I’ll send 5 e-mails in a week.

You can contact me here.

Be good,