An Invitation To Think

Okay, Okayer, Okayest – My Favorites of 2016

I may be late to the party, but it’s nice to reflect on some good things once in a while. (Here’s my list from last year.) Probably more than once in a while, but besides 2016 not being a good year politically it was also a worse year personally. So let’s start: Gravitational waves! Solar power!… Continue Reading

No, it doesn’t look great, but …

Wed. Nov 9, 2016. 4:18pm I know, I know. “Bigotry wins. Misogyny wins. Science denying wins. Egalitarianism loses. Being brash, rude, mean and divisive is the new normal. The Electoral College is broken.” Etc, etc. I’m not sure I completely believe all of that — maybe Trump is a genius, he’s really a centrist, and he… Continue Reading

A bigly tremendous rhyme

Update Nov 9, 2016: WOW. Sorry, America, we didn’t do our jobs well enough. But the youth will prevail. Eventually. Believe me, people are saying this is the best poem ever and it’s already winning all the greatest awards. There is nobody who respects poetry more than I do and what you’re about to read… Continue Reading

Fixing My MagSafe Charger

As anybody who has owned Apple products knows their peripherals (cables, chargers, headphones, etc.) are objectively the worst. I had AppleCare for three years so I got my charger replaced three times “for free.” On that last one I reinforced the stress points with Sugru and hoped it would last longer. (My computer is from… Continue Reading