An Invitation To Think

Selfishness and other musings

A question: are you selfish? If you’re being honest with yourself, yes, at least sometimes you are. But that’s not a problem in and of itself. In some aspects of your life you need to be selfish. Essentially every major life decision you make as an adult is borne out of selfishness. At the very… Continue Reading

I’m No Longer Vegan

I eat meat again. I was vegetarian or vegan for the past 7 or 8 years (militantly vegan for probably 5 years), with a 30 day trial of eating meat back in 2013. Last year I began relaxing my veganism (meaning I moved to vegetarianism) and adding eggs, butter, and cheese into my diet on… Continue Reading

Do Bernie Sanders Supporters Really Care About A Fair Election?

The narrative surrounding Bernie Sanders supporters seems to be that they’re not getting a fair fight and Bernie should be the Democratic nominee because that’s what the people want. That is simply not the case. To illustrate the following is an amalgam of dialogue I came up with. Note: The dialogue is, admittedly, a straw… Continue Reading

Fixing My MagSafe Charger

As anybody who has owned Apple products knows their peripherals (cables, chargers, headphones, etc.) are objectively the worst. I had AppleCare for three years so I got my charger replaced three times “for free.” On that last one I reinforced the stress points with Sugru and hoped it would last longer. (My computer is from… Continue Reading

On Being A Foreigner (Podcast #8)

Effin’ With Karol Gajda Episode 8. Listen above, or subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, or Neil Bennion‘s back and we talk about what it’s like living in Poland as a foreigner. Do Polish people speak English well? What’s it like finding a flat and generally getting around? Is it easy to date and meet people?… Continue Reading

The Two Questions

When trying to solve a societal problem (X) I like to ask myself two questions. How can I solve X in a way that will help me? How can I solve X in a way that will also help everybody else? If we’re being intellectually honest we must admit that we look out for ourselves… Continue Reading

How To Make Ice Gel Packs The Polish Way

A small break from all the seriousness around here. I’ve been wanting to shoot (and learn to edit) more video, but all I have is a Nexus 5 I bought in 2013 along with a tiny tripod. I usually use that as an excuse. The biggest issue isn’t actually the camera — because it takes… Continue Reading

We Don’t Have To Agree

I wasn’t sure how the last e-mail and essay I wrote would go over. As you can probably imagine, when you’re writing about a dogma — specifically, religion — it can go over poorly. But, although the unsubscribe rate to the e-mail list was double the norm, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Including from people… Continue Reading